• MEDI Shanghai
    MEDI Shanghai
    MEDI Shanghai
  • Airbnb
    Welcome to Airbnb
  • Devondale
    Devondale Smoothies TVC
  • Sky TV
    Sky TV
    Sky TV ‘Come with Us’
  • The Big Miracle
    The Big Miracle
    We created 3 animatronic Californian Grey Whales for scenes shot on location in Alaska.
  • Samsung
    Samsung UHD Curved TV – Gladiator
  • Toyota Hilux NZ
    Toyota Hilux NZ
    Toyota NZ Hilux TV ad – Tougher Than You Can Imagine
  • O2 Germany TVC
    O2 Germany TVC
    O2 Germany TVC
  • Ford Cane Toad Road
    Ford Cane Toad Road
    Cane Toad Road Two cane toads sit on a road at night as a car approaches…